Less is More…

Doing a lot with very little. It’s a hard sentence to wrap one’s head around, however, it is important, if not the most important thing I’ve learned about design. Many designers have trouble creating a minimalist (simplistic, clean) design; either they have a hard time making a page with so few elements look good or the final result just doesn’t seem “complete” to them.

When you create a minimalist design, the design is at it’s most basic state, free from superfluous colors, elements, and textures,– CLUTTER, if you will. The purpose for this is to bring the most important visual/content to the forefront and minimize distractions for the viewer or reader. When people get distracted they often miss the message in the design or story, because they are confused on where their focus should be. Part of minimizing distractions is creating SIMPLE design by using less texture, color, shape, lines, content or type–kind of like the clutter that I mentioned earlier.

This is KEY: When you as a designer can portray the message you want and bring it to the forefront with as little elements as possible, you have a minimalist design.

When thinking about minimalist design think about accurate use of white space, alignment, movement, and contrast. One last piece of advice for an over-designer, when the thought, “something is missing” enters your head, the first thing you should try is take something out and then go from there, even if that means starting over. There is nothing like admiring basic design elements used at their full potential.

“Design should never say, “Look at me.” It should always say, “Look at this.”

Here are a few to showcase:

One Funky Font List

It’s always a good idea to have a range of fonts to choose from when designing. Typography is a huge design element when it comes to just about anything design related. I came across an article that feature a unique package of fonts. I can visualize  some of these being useful and making an impact with select images and articles.

There are many reasons typography is essential to design. Beyond legibility, typography is used to convey a specific mood or feeling.

Here are a few fonts that make me think of things specific:

This one makes me think of lollipops!

This font belongs on the side of a drive through car wash.

Ransom note font.

This looks like an old calligraphy-ish font.

This screams skateboarder to me, or maybe techy.

Called Spicy Rice, not sure why. This looks to me like a font I would see on a surf board.