To Blog or Not to Blog…

As a recent college graduate in the graphic design field, I know what it means to be fresh to the job market and attempt to convince complete strangers that you would be a great asset to their company. It’s hard. Sometimes, it is all about who you know, and sometimes your hard work shines through all the networking skills that college professors didn’t teach you about.

Which leads me to the reasons behind creating this blog…

Upon research, I’ve found 8 significant reasons why graphic designers should blog. If you are a graphic designer who still isn’t blogging, you ARE missing out, here’s why:

1.   Blogging helps designers get found in Google.

What aspiring designer doesn’t want to be found on Google? Especially when we work in such a competitive field. Google loves fresh content and when you blog about design, it increases the chances of being found by potential clients. This blog creates a way for potential clients to not only see my work, but gain insight about my personality as well. 

2.   It helps designers find full time design employment opportunities.

 Just as it helps freelancers find work, a blog can help designers find work in areas they least expected.

3.   Designers can make friends and contacts through blogging, aka it helps designers network!

I hate it, but the simple fact is: Sometimes it isn’t about what you know, but who you know. In my ideal world, it would be about what you know AND who you know. Also, blogging can help designers find people to collaborate with on projects. 

4.   It’s a place to find opportunities and expose your design.

This is the main reason I created my blog. I want a place to showcase my individuality, qualifications, work samples, and my interests in design. I am constantly researching design news and tips and plan to share my findings on my blog as well as my opinions and experiences.

5.   Designers can get extra cash from advertising and affiliated programs.

 If you write reviews about products you like, sometimes adding a link to your post can earn you a little bit of cash.  

6.   You can get design freebies.

 Who doesn’t love freebies? If a designer’s blog becomes well-covered, sometimes they are asked to write reviews in exchange for freebies such as ebooks, real books software or other equipment.

 7.   You can blog to sell your themes, graphics, designs, t-shirts or designer merchandise.

 If designers create their own themes, graphics, designs, etc., they can use their blog to promote their themes and such. A nice way to advertise without the cost.

 8.   Designers can turn their blog posts into a business.

 Just check out



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