THE Site for Designers

As a designer, we want feedback to our work. To both improve and grow. Online communities help designer, developers and creative types showcase their work, gain thoughtful feedback and most importantly help expand networking possibilities.trans – 10 Essential Sites for Designers – designer design inspiration design angel ceballos

One that has most recently caught my eye is Dribbble.


Dribbble is a online community for designers who feature their work or work in-progress as screenshots and get feedback. Dribbble is currently an invite-only and has become a great  place for inspiration due to the quality work.

People who aren’t a part of the community can still sign up as a spectator and follow your favorite designers.

You can also add yourself to the Dribble Prospects directory to get a chance to get an invite. There are also sites that show you ways for obtaining an invite. So far, overall a great place to get some feedback from experienced designers.

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