Inpsiring Logos

Today I found some  logos that really inspired me. It’s amazing how thoughts and visions are put together to create one concept.

A logo is very important to a company and its identity. Because we do often judge books by their covers. The perceived value of a service/product can make or break the company. The visual identity of a company is what builds trusts among their customers. It’s kind of like “putting a face to the name”.

Through finding these logos of inspiration, I discovered that often times, it’s the simple solution that is the best soultion. Although a lot of time and effort goes into collaborating when branding a company, sometimes you have to go back and ask yourself: What basic elements can I use to produce the simplest design.

So now you are back to the basics and all the complicated guru is out the window!

I’m constantly finding new inspiration, but here are just a few designs I found:





A Logo: From Revolutionary to Evolutionary

The Federal Express Corporation was invented in 1973. What you need to know about the year of 1973 was that the market was still only in the U.S., there was only one packaging type, and only one delivery time.

About 30 years later, Federal Express was still in business but was losing market share. By this time, the company had added new services, was shipping to 186 countries, and had gained many competitors.

They needed a new brand that would help reposition the company. They hired global design firm Landor to do the job.

There were over 300 designs created during the redesign of the logo. Also the name of the company changed from Federal Express to its communicative name: FedEx.

The amount of research put into the new branding of FedEx was extensive. The logo seems simple and to the point. However, through my design experience I’ve learned that nothing is arbitrary.  

“This is a fine example in which in-depth preparation led to an iconic solution”. – David Airey

Source: This is a summary of excerpt with commentary in the following: LogoDesignLove: A guide to creating iconic brand identities, by David Airey.