Creative Business Card Designs

Great business cards communicate a whole lot of information — both directly and indirectly — about the people and companies they represent. The average person thinks of a business card stating the standard name/address/e-mail/phone data (does anyone use fax anymore?) information. But as a designer, we know creative business card designs convey personality, philosophy, attitude and brand. Along withContinue reading “Creative Business Card Designs”

The Vintage Revival

The Vintage Revival stemmed from a series of themed events that was promoted with vintage design elements. The month of events ranged from retreats to fitness to barbecues. It was important that the events were obviously a part of the same effort, but also catered to the individuality of the events. Why has vintage designContinue reading “The Vintage Revival”

Branding/Package Design: The London House of Coffee by Reynolds and Reyner

Through my experience in design I have done very little package design. In efforts to stay versatile. I research and play around with services in the field that I don’t get a lot of exposure to. Which leads me to the branding and packaging the London House of Coffee, designed by Reynolds and Reyner. ReynoldsContinue reading “Branding/Package Design: The London House of Coffee by Reynolds and Reyner”

RETRO Designs Are the New Trend…

Using retro themed design elements is the latest trend in graphic design. Retro designs can be characterized by period icons, vivid graphics and pale colors. Although I’ve noticed this trend in layout design as well as advertising and logo design, I’ve chosen to include images of logos particularly. Why the New Trend? I believe retroContinue reading “RETRO Designs Are the New Trend…”

The Perfect Spring Palettes…

As Spring is here and the April showers begin, new fads and color palettes are on the rise. Just like every other element of graphic design, color palettes follow are constantly evolving. This year’s color trends are as diverse as they are compelling; brights and neons combine with greyscale to add some zing to clean, modernContinue reading “The Perfect Spring Palettes…”

The Innovative and Creative Photoshop Brush…

I use Photoshop for many reasons throughout my regular workday. But recently I’ve stumbled upon a new innovative use of the brush tool that I can’t help but share. I was working on a logo for an event coming up and the client requested a very unique background image that I wasn’t able to recreateContinue reading “The Innovative and Creative Photoshop Brush…”

A REAL Fresh Beginning…

Ahhh, and finally it is a brand new year! A chance to go out with the old and come in with the new. Typically at any given point in time, we as people can make changes in our lives from day to day. But for some reason, it is the beginning of a new yearContinue reading “A REAL Fresh Beginning…”

Less is More…

Doing a lot with very little. It’s a hard sentence to wrap one’s head around, however, it is important, if not the most important thing I’ve learned about design. Many designers have trouble creating a minimalist (simplistic, clean) design; either they have a hard time making a page with so few elements look good orContinue reading “Less is More…”

Corporate Identities

Why is the branding of a company so important? Among many reasons, people often tend to forget names of companies, however, the brand images or the corporate identity stays imprinted in their memories for a long time.Therefore, selecting the corporate identity is very necessary to find the perfect match between the corporate vision and theContinue reading “Corporate Identities”

8 Characteristics of Badly Designed Logos

How important is it for a business to communicate its messages to potential partners and customers? Very. And what graphic communicates a business’s message and uniqueness?….The logo. Which is what brings me to point some characteristics of badly designed logos not only on websites, but in the overall creation of a business’s identity. 1. AmateurishContinue reading “8 Characteristics of Badly Designed Logos”