One Funky Font List

It’s always a good idea to have a range of fonts to choose from when designing. Typography is a huge design element when it comes to just about anything design related. I came across an article that feature a unique package of fonts. I can visualize  some of these being useful and making an impact with select images and articles.

There are many reasons typography is essential to design. Beyond legibility, typography is used to convey a specific mood or feeling.

Here are a few fonts that make me think of things specific:

This one makes me think of lollipops!

This font belongs on the side of a drive through car wash.
Ransom note font.

This looks like an old calligraphy-ish font.

This screams skateboarder to me, or maybe techy.

Called Spicy Rice, not sure why. This looks to me like a font I would see on a surf board.

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