Font Picks of the Month…

Choosing the right font and typeface for a design is one of the FIRST things I do when designing. There are so many factors that come into play. Does it mesh well with the type of event? Is it too busy? Is it clean enough? Does it need to be more playful? Does it work well with the other fonts used, if any? Is there enough contrast? As I said, SO many deciding factors need to be considered.

I like using fonts that I can get away with in pretty much as situation. They are my “safe zone fonts.” Of course there are those few exceptions, but for the most part they work. But that doesn’t hold me back from¬†discovering new fonts and trying them out.

Each month I choose a few and add them to my font book. I thought I would share my picks of the month:

To learn more about font choices, read What Font Should I Use by Smashing Magazine.

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