A Graphic Designer’s Christmas List

Deciding on Christmas gifts is always such a hassle for me around this time of year. I never know EXACTLY what to buy someone. I thought it would be nice to post a gift guide for those of you who might have a graphic designer on your list this Christmas. Whether it is a family member, friend or co-worker, this gift guide will definitely help you find the perfect gift!

For the graphic designer who is also a bookworm:

gift guide 2013

1.New Ornamental Type: Decorative Lettering in the Digital Age – $29.17

Perfect for someone who is trying out their hand in typography, type aficionados and for those who just love a design made well with amazing typographic work. The book is filled with amazing and not to mention really inspiring works.

gift guide 2013

2.Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design – $10.77

Written by famous American Graphic Designer Chip Kidd. Go is not your typical book about graphic design. The book also showcases how to creatively use the many graphical elements. Apart from that, the book invites it’s readers to complete projects that they can share at the site GoTheBook.com.

gift guide 2013

3. Paul Rand: A Designer’s Art – $250

We are sure that by just a mere mention of Paul Rand’s name to any graphic designer will make them squeal like little kids at the sight of chocolate. But what about giving them a book written by Paul Rand himself ?

gift guide 2013

4. Grid Systems in Graphic Design/Raster Systeme Fur Die Visuele Gestaltung (German and English Edition) – $61.00

A perfect gift for those who have graphic designer family or friend who are raving about grids. This is also perfect for students who are going to take graphic design next school year.

gift guide 2013

5. The Graphic Designer’s Business Survival Guide – $18.44

Here’s something great to give if you have a friend whose dream is to start their own design firm. This one great thing about this book is that it offers loads of advice to help designers on how dealing with clients and building a great relationship with them.


For the graphic designer who is a neat freak:

gift guide 2013

1. Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management – $6.99

Here’s something to manage those annoying cords better. Perfect for those who have a ton of stuff plugged but the problem is those tangled wires.

gift guide 2013

2. DEWALT DWST17804 Tstak 2 Drawer with Dividers – $38.53

If you have a friend whose looking for a nice desk drawer then this one is perfect for them! Can be stacked with the same product, durable and not to mention it locks! We suggest you get two of this awesome space saving drawer.

gift guide 2013

3. Victor Wood Midnight Black Collection, Tidy Tower Desktop Organizer, Black, (5500-5) – $89.99

A clean desk is a productive desk! Help your friends organize their things. Chuck those paper, notes, magazines even folders in this nice desktop drawer.

gift guide 2013

4. iStick: Multifunction Desktop organizer with built-in USB Hub and Memory Card Reader (US Only) (Black) – $39.99

Apart from the fact that this is an awesome space saver, the Cyanics iStick Multifunction Desk Organizer has a USB port, a compartment to place your phone and it has a nice design. What more can your designer friends ask for right?

gift guide 2013

5. U BOARD SMART – Monitor Stand and Multi-function Board with built-in 3 Port USB 2.0 – $44.89

Similar to the Cyanics iStick Multifunction Desk Organizer the only difference is that it doesn’t have the multicompartments that the other one has. Instead it has a clear glass that acts like a mini table. Perfect for those who want to sketch out their ideas while working in front of the computer.

For the graphic designer who is always on-the-go:


gift guide 2013

1. Drawing and Sketching Pencil Set In Zippered Carrying Case – $6.24

It’s a pencil case and a sketch pad rolled into one. Apart from that the set is only 10-3/4 by 6 inches big which makes this one pretty compact. If that won’t put a smile to your friend we don’t know what is.

gift guide 2013

2. Kattee® Vintage Canvas Leather Hiking Travel Backpack Tote Bag Fit 17 Inch Laptop – $56.99

Designers bring a lot of stuff with them and one of the most frustrating part in packing is where to put that humongous laptop of theirs. To make things worst some laptop bags doesn’t last that long. This travel backpack here by Kattee is perfect since it offers a nice big room for a laptop that can even fit a 17 inch laptop not to mention it is very stylish and durable.
gift guide 2013

3. Anker Potable Charger – $29.99

It’s frustrating and annoying for everyone with a smartphone or a table to find their gadgets out of juice before getting to their destination. Same thing for graphic designers even double at times since they need their smartphones or tablets to check emails, send out proofs and do minor tweaks. This is where Anker Portable Charger comes in it gives those gadgets extra boost of power specially during long travels.
gift guide 2013

4. Royal & Langnickel Essentials Art Cargo Carry Bag – $29.37

Speaking of bags Royal Essentials Art Cargo Carry Bag just looks amazing! Made by artists for artist is great for holding all your friend’s tools. It even has a detachable case to hold brushes.

gift guide 2013

5. EZOPower Portable – $39.99

This device is pretty neat! It’s a multifunctional, portable and user-friendly device that allows you to  transfer photos, music, movies and other files from an SD card and USB storage device to any smartphone and tablet. Not only that but it also doubles as a power bank. We suggest get 2 of this one for a gift and one for you.


That completes the gift guide! Buying any of these gifts would certainly make any graphic designer’s holiday special!


Source: www.youthedesigner.com

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