A little prayer…


This pretty much sums things up right about now. I have recited this prayer every morning and every night for the past 28 days. Some days my father seems to be doing better, some days take a turn for the worst. What an emotional roller coaster.I can’t imagine my life without this man. He has been my teacher, my protector, and my inspiration. I’ve learned to pray a little harder each day.

Although this is in no way design-realted, it is my life right now. I sleep and dream about my father becoming well. He has double pneumonia and has been on a ventilator since January 3. My heart sinks to my stomach when I see him suffering. Sometimes I  wonder what he is thinking, how he is feeling and if he will make it through this. I didn’t realize how serious it was until the doctors told me to call in family members to come see him because he might die. Those piercing words I will never forget.

People – cherish your loved ones! Cherish the memories and make use of the time you have to make them.

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