He only takes the best…

My father, Valentin Z. Rodriguez, passed away on February 11, 2014 at approximately 9:45 AM. The immediate cause of his death was respiratory failure, candidemia, sepsis syndrome and renal failure. All with which started from a mild fever and cold that led to the flu and developed into pneumonia.

But none of this is relevant in my mind right now. What IS relevant is that he was a great man, a caring man, a good husband, a loving father, a supporter, a true friend to many–he was so many things. I reflect on all the memories I have with him. He is the reason I am who I am today. He was one of the only people who could light a fire underneath me. A fire of desire to succeed and make something of myself and my life. I lost my mother recently as well, in September 2012. And during this difficult time of my life, I have found only one thing is for sure–only time helps heal the heart from losing someone special.

I am surrounded by the love of my brothers. They help provide me strength to keep striving for the best. I now take care of my baby brother, Zack. He is nearly fourteen and this will be a huge change for me. But my parents would be proud. He will be well taken care of and I expect advice will be given from above from time to time.

Again, none of this is design related, but this blog represents my mind in general, and this has overcome my every thought. However, to wrap my creative juices around it, I’ve created this graphic of the poem that was represented on my father’s funeral take-aways. This poem describes my father and his journey to life in Heaven so distinctly.


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