Branding: The Office of Economic Vitality

This branding project hit my desk one morning with a pretty tight deadline. I love creating identities, but this one was tough. The challenge here was to brand one of Leon County’s newly established offices with a simple and clean color palette while also sending a clear message of what the office aims to accomplish: Business Growth and Development

Business growth and development essentially means developing and implementing growth opportunities within and between organizations. In my brainstorming, I wanted something that was informative and represented the services, but sleek and sexy.

The Office of Economic Vitality’s new logo outlines a key with a skyline silhoutte. This represents that the office has the answers to business growth and is the key to the success of your business. The EV inside the head of the key brings the name back into mind and gives the key a sharp look. The  sans serif font choice adds a clean and sleek look to the text heavy logo. The amount of text is required here because we needed to fully represent each entity that make up the office.

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